«Pulkra» is a freely adapted form of the Latin word pulcher. It means more than something simply "beautiful". Pulcher means something uncontaminated, transparent, something so pure, fine and exemplary as to reflect those facets to be found within each and every one of us, which fascinate, seduce and excel.
Pulkra unearths these precious aspects from deep within us and uses them in the environment where we live so that we feel good while others are made aware of our tastes and sensitivity.
Just remember that anything connected in any way with ancient times testifies to the physical presence and manual work of a man. How could this type of sign and mark left by man on things be brought back today.... so that it's possible to say: «and you, how do you feel in such an environment» or even better, «how would you feel» because that's how we will do it for you. That is how the conditions related to a work of art are recovered. In other words those very conditions that give everyone the possibility of living in a unique environment where it can be said that the customer "designs" his own environment.
A rose is shown here that seems extremely figurative, but upon browsing through the site you will find many highly original images and chromatic extroversions that happily complement the conditions of contemporary artistic expressive display. This is what Pulkra's work consists of. Pulkra made the right decision to combine the sensitivity of contemporary artistic styles with a "humble" industrial product, resin, because Pulkra has formally clothed this "humble" substance.

immagine della sede di Pulkra Pulkra represents a combination of avant-garde visual art, technology and customized furnishings.

It was established by two enterprises already well known in their own specific sectors: Nord Resine, which specialises in special products for the building trade, and Krearte, an artistic workshop that aims at finding the right balance between art and craftwork in the making of furnishing objects, jewellery, pictures and decorated coverings in resin.

Resin is the true star of this ambitious project and is the key element of Pulkra’s artistic works. These works are true masterpieces, which become the ideal substantial decorative element, based on your personality and aesthetic conception of life, for creating tailor-made furnishings that go beyond what we simply see, feel or dream.

Pulkra approaches the observer through three product lines:

  • Floor division, offering many varieties of decorated artistic floors and wall coverings in resin and other materials;
  • Home division, decorated artistic and designer furniture and ornaments in resin;
  • Personal project, representing Pulkra’s way of thinking, that is, of stimulating a true discussion about desires and a journey beyond the normal, resulting in the creation of complete environments. A customized furnishing project is the introspective expression of yourself and the unfolding of your daily thoughts.